Choose new handmade furniture from our catalogue

There’s something undeniably special about owning a piece of handmade furniture. The attention-to-detail, the quality of the materials, and the personalized care that goes into each custom design showcase the artistry and craftsmanship that mass-produced furniture just can’t match. If you’re searching for new furniture pieces that tell a story and add warmth and character to your home, we invite you to explore our latest catalogue of handmade furniture. From live edge dining tables to bespoke upholstery, your dream décor is just one click away.

Why Choose Handmade Furniture:

In today’s world where convenience often trumps quality, it’s easy to be swayed by the allure of flat-pack, fast furniture that can be bought off-the-shelf. But when you choose handmade furniture, you’re not only investing in a unique piece – you’re making a statement about your appreciation for hard work, passion for design, and commitment to sustainability.

1. Quality Materials: Handmade furniture makers use superior materials to ensure their works are built to last. Hardwood construction and timeless joinery techniques create visually stunning pieces that stand up to everyday wear-and-tear.

2. Supports Local Artisans: By purchasing handmade furniture, you’re supporting the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of local craftspeople. In return, you receive an exclusive piece of functional art.

3. Customization: The beauty of handmade lies in its adaptability. Whether it’s as simple as choosing different finishes or as involved as changing dimensions or design elements, your new furniture can be tailored to your exact taste and specifications.

4. Sustainable Practices: Buying mass-produced contributes to massive amounts of waste in both production and shipping materials. Handmade furniture artisans often use locally-sourced, sustainably harvestedwoods, and minimal environmental impact techniques in their design process.

5. Functionality Meets Beauty: Handmade furniture not only adds style to your home but offers practical solutions – spacious storage units made-to-measure for specific spaces or ergonomic chairs that provide exceptional comfort without compromising on aesthetics.

Browse Our Handmade Furniture Catalogue:

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in handcrafted designs let us walk you through some of our most popular items from our catalogue:

1. Live Edge Dining Tables – Bring natural beauty into your dining room with a live edge table made from solid slabs of hardwoods like walnut or oak. Each table is entirely unique thanks to the organic shapes found along the tree’s edge.

2. Bespoke Upholstery – A beautiful chair or sofa isn’t complete until it’s dressed in stunning fabric! We collaborate with local textile artists who create one-of-a-kind patterns for our upholstery, giving you a truly bespoke piece perfect for your living room or bedroom.

3. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables – Incorporate sustainable design into your home with a reclaimed wood coffee table featuring rich patinas and unique textures honed by years of service in their previous life.

4. Artisanal Cabinetry – Why settle for generic cabinets when you can have custom storage solutions designed specifically for your kitchen, bathroom or library? Let our artisans transform your space with functional and beautiful handmade cabinetry.

5. Carved Headboards – Sleep like royalty every night beneath a fantastical hand-carved wooden headboard inspired by elaborate baroque designs or more minimalist forms that pay tribute to Scandinavian simplicity.

Ready to enliven your home with custom-made furnishings? Explore our full catalogue today and discover truly unique home décor additions that celebrate exemplary craftsmanship and impeccable style. Embrace the beauty and longevity of handmade furniture – after all, life is too short for flat-pack mediocrity!