Fire on the Mesa : DUST COWBOY Candle

Fire on the Mesa : DUST COWBOY Candle

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We’re very pleased to finally release our scented candle collection. Well, at least our first scent - DUST COWBOY.

A hand blended scented: woodsy, earthy, bright & herbal. 

This scent celebrates the rugged desert dweller. 

“It don’t matter if a cowboy lives in the mountains or a flat. So long as it’s warm and there’s a place to lay his hat.” The soulful cowboy hippy in us all finds home amongst overgrown brush, shot gun shells and miles of dirt. 

Notes: Sandalwood, grass, dirt, patchouli, cinnamon and musk. 

Hand blended with soy wax and made here in the high desert by our studio Fire on the Mesa. 8.5 oz. 50-60 hours burning time. Black glass candle with wax seal of our "winking sun", packaged in a black paper box.