Natural Dye Workshop with The Dogwood Dyer - Oct 7

Natural Dye Workshop with The Dogwood Dyer - Oct 7

Natural Dyes- Desert Palette at Shop on the Mesa- Joshua Tree- Yucca Valley, CA- Sun October 7th 11am-3pm

$75.00 / materials included. Please bring one item to dye (see details below).

Using only materials derived from nature join The Dogwood Dyer at Shop on the Mesa in the desert environment of Yucca Valley California to gain knowledge and experiment with the time honored art of natural dyeing. In this workshop participants will come away with an understanding of how to work with natural dyes to achieve the most vibrant, lasting results while learning about traditional surface design techniques (shibori, making natural textile paint, etc.). No prior knowledge of textiles, dyes, or plants is required. This project is for anyone looking to create a palette of desert inspired colors on textiles, many of which posses medicinal and beneficial powers. Participants will leave with a color selection of natural textiles as well as informational resources on how to repeat the process at home while doing no harm to the planet, their home or their body. Guests are also welcome to bring 1 small to medium sized natural fiber based garment or textile items to dye at the workshop. Stained items are the perfect thing to bring in order to imbue them with new beneficial color.


Thao Nguyen
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