Felted Ornament Workshop

Felted Ornament Workshop

 Critter Felted Ornament

Desert Critter Felted Ornament Workshop

taught by Cooper Mountain Textiles - Emily Endo

Sat Dec 15th, 12-2:30pm 2.5 hrs

Felt is one of the oldest known textiles and has been used across cultures for clothing, decor, furnishing, and even defense. An unwoven fabric, felt is created through matting, condensing, and pressing wool into a versatile material that can be either pliant or structural. Join Emily Endo (Copper Mountain Textiles) and Shop on the Mesa for a cozy afternoon of needle felting. 

In this workshop, students will learn to create three-dimensional felted ornaments inspired by desert flora and fauna. Each student will leave with their own felted critter! 

No experience necessary.  All materials included $45

Thao Nguyen
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