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Highlights from Natural Dye Wkshp

Here's some highlights from our recent natural dye workshop with Liz Spencer the Dogwood Dyer. Liz taught us about prepping dyes and fabrics, how to fold and wrap fabrics in the shibori tie dye method and the different ways to achieve color variation with one material. Dyes we used included: avocado pits, fresh indigo which Liz grew and cosmos flower blossoms. A wonderful enriching afternoon! Thank you Liz!  

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Rag Rug Weaving with Rachel Ehlin

San Dielgo based textile artist Rachel Ehlin of @mrblueskye came out to our shop earlier this Spring to teach silk rag weaving. Here's some highlights from the class. Each student used silk sari rags - Rachel picked out a beautiful desert inspired palette, repurposed old Indian fabrics cutting them into yarn size strips. Student picked out their colored striped and created beautiful one of a kind woven pieces. Some students decided to display as wallhangings and others finished the ends to create a small but very special rug. A wonderful hands afternoon of working with our hands and getting to leave with a finished artwork - super rewarding. Thanks Rachel! 

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